Craig Woolard Net Worth (2024)

1. Craig Woolard Net Worth 2024 - I am Gold Panda

  • His dedication to his craft and his savvy financial decisions have contributed to a substantial net worth estimated at $10 million. While the music industry ...

  • Craig Woolard is a name that resonates with many music enthusiasts, particularly those who have a penchant for…

2. Craig Woolard - The Embers

  • Craig Woolard. Lead Vocals-Saxophone, Tenor, Bari, Alto, Soprano-Flute. Craig has won many accolades with The Embers, and is proud of his tenure with the ...

3. Woolard lands on solid sand after Embers exit - Robesonian

4. Craig Woolard Music - Facebook

  • Craig Woolard Music. 9296 likes · 45 talking about this. Musician/band.

  • See posts, photos and more on Facebook.

5. Craig Woolard is Back with The Embers - Beach Music Online

  • 11 mrt 2014 · Beach Music Fans are in for a BIG SHOW. Craig Woolard is returning to The Embers, where he played for many years. I know I am excited…

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6. Sounds of Summer | Cary Magazine

  • 30 jul 2021 · Embers lead singer Craig Woolard says being home in Cary last year helped him appreciate being on the road. · The Embers have been named North ...

  • By Amber Keister Photography By Jonathan Fredin Jul 30, 2021

7. A beach music legend's first gig - Washington Daily News

  • 4 mrt 2019 · Craig Woolard is a multi-talented musician and singer. Craig has entertained and performed in some of America's best venues. Craig is one of ...

  • The Embers are easily one of the most renowned beach music bands in the South. Their music is played at every beach in our area. The reason for their success is a native of Washington, who is proud to tell audiences where he is from. Craig Woolard is a multi-talented musician and singer. Craig has […]

8. The Embers – Beach Music

  • About · Schedule · Video Gallery · Contact us

  • The Embers will put JOY in your step,LOVE in your heart and BEACH MUSIC in your soul!

Craig Woolard Net Worth (2024)
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