Just Beet It! 18 of Our Favorite Root Recipes (2024)

Did you know that the word beautiful is rooted in the word beet (bee[t]‑ü‑ti‑fəl)? Okay, while that may not be true is definitely not true, it should be, because beets are totally the most gorgeous root vegetables of all. From their deep blood reds to candy cane-stripes to sunny golden hues, brighten up your plate this winter with these 18 un-beet-able recipes!

1. Roasted Beets and Lemon Greens Wrap: Nestled into a homemade yogurt flatbread, roasted beets and their greens mingle with tangy goat cheese and a bright lemon vinaigrette. (via Lore)

2. Beet Almond Cookies: No drops of food color here. A touch of beet puree adds a lovely hue (and a vitamin boost) to these healthy gluten-free, grain-free cookies. (via Veggie Style With Daphne)

3. Egyptian Beetroot Dip: Roasting the beets and garlic sweetens their flavors, making an irresistible spread to enjoy with your favorite cracker. (via Delicious Everyday)

4. Rainbow Salad with Creamy Dill Dressing: We’re all over rainbow-colored recipes around here, and this one’s no exception. (via Feasting at Home)

6. Warm Lentil Salad with Roasted Beets and Goat Cheese: Whether you’re easing back into solid food after a juice cleanse or simply looking for a healthy meal that feels indulgent, this salad is it. (via Many Kitchens)

7. Vegetable Nori Rolls with Crunchy Lentils and Turmeric: If you can’t stomach the swimming stuff in sushi, dip your toes into the nori-wrapped world of vegan, gluten-free rolls with this veggie-packed version. (via Food Fitness FreshAir)

8. Beet Latkes with Horseradish Crème Fraîche: Another terrific latke recipe to add to your repertoire. These beet-based fritters are thoughtfully seasoned with dill and chives, then served with a dollop of kicky crème fraîche. (via The View from Great Island)

9. Roasted Beet, Arugula, Goat Cheese, and Honey Crostini: Whether you make a meal out of these crostini or serve them up as an app at your next party, you can’t go wrong. (via Gimme Some Oven)

10. Beet Green and Mushroom Frittata: Don’t just toss the greens from your next bunch of beets, make this veggie-packed frittata instead. (via Fig + Honey)

11. Wine Poached Pears with Beet and Pomegranate: Whether you use red wine or not, these spiced pears will take on a gorgeous ruby hue courtesy of the beets and pomegranate seeds! (via Elephants and the Coconut Trees)

12. Spiced Dark Chocolate Beet Cake with Cardamom Infused Cream: Would you guess that this decadent chocolate cake is both flourless AND contains about a half pound of beets? (via Two Loves Studio)

13. Lemon Dijon Beet Salad: The dressing for this gorgeous salad gets a bit of a creamy boost courtesy of coconut milk. (via Poppies and Papayas)

14. Pancetta, Golden Beet, and Gorgonzola Pasta: It’s hard to spot the golden-colored beets tucked among the pasta, making this dish a great way to sneak in a little veggie action. The cheese and a touch of Italian bacon don’t hurt either. (via Bitchin’ Camero)

15. Caramelized Onion and Beet Soup: This soup raids the root cellar and your pantry to create this creamy, sippable soup. (via Gobo Root)

16. Raw Beet and Berry Liver Cleanse: After shaking your way through our co*cktail archives, this juice may be just what the doctor ordered. (Granted, we’re not medical experts, but whatever.) (via Bare Root)

17. Sumac Thyme Roast Chicken with Strawberry-Beet Watercress: We’d never in a million years think to combine beets and strawberries, but Ms. Mollenkamp makes it work as a terrific spring-summer accompaniment to roast chicken. Yum! (via Aida Mollenkamp)

18. Poached Eggs with Greens and Garlic on Toast: Put a bird egg on it! Another terrific way to use up those beet greens, these toasts would be a terrific centerpiece for your next brunch. (via Paprika Red)

Have you already fallen for this sometimes under-appreciated, earthy veg or are you still rooted in doubt? Talk to us in the comments!

Heather Sage

Heather Sage is a gluten-free recipe developer and freelance writer living in Orlando by way of the Silicon Valley. When she isn’t playing around with alternative flours in the kitchen, she can be found tackling DIY projects around the house or exploring her neighborhood. Check out her gluten-free recipe blog, A Sage Amalgam.

Just Beet It! 18 of Our Favorite Root Recipes (2024)
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